Mayport Dental Clinic

Mayport, FL

Hardy provided HVAC services for this medical dental clinic for the Department of the Navy. The Building covers 180,000 SF and 2 floors. Hardy provided and installed over 180,000 pounds of sheet metal duct for the project. The HVAC system also includes (2) chillers, (2) boilers, (8) pumps, (156) VAV boxes and a 4 pipe system.

Gordon Persons State Office Building

Montgomery, AL

Plumbing and HVAC systems were installed by Hardy in this 600,000 S.F. state government office building. Equipment included two (2) centrifugal chillers totaling 1,650 tons, two (2) steam boilers, 10 pumps, 35 air handling units, 780 variable air volume (VAV) zones, and direct digital temperature controls. Plumbing included water and sanitary sewer systems, and storm water drainage.

Fort Campbell PX

Fort Campbell, KY

This project involved both a renovation of existing facilities and the expansion of the PX. The project covered 204,000 SF and included 555 tons of cooling. The major equipment.

United Launch Alliance

Decatur, AL

Hardy provided mechanical (HVAC & Plumbing) and High Purity services for ULA’s (United Launch Alliance) Phase 1A consisting of the following areas: Centaur Major Weld, Booster Major Weld, SOFI, PAT, Blanket Fab, Area 5, Hydrazine, Pneumatic Pressure Test Facility of which included a 60 feet high by 21,000 square foot clean room. United Launch Alliance (ULA) includes 300 tons of cooling, (4) AC units, (7) FCU’s, (18) Pumps, (1) Heat Exchanger, (4) Humidifiers, (10) Exhaust Fans, (60) fixtures, over 130,000 pounds of sheet metal, over 20,000 lineal feet of chilled water, hot water, process water and compressed air piping, over 8,000 lineal feet of domestic hot and cold water piping and over 18,000 lineal feet of high purity piping

Federal Courthouse

Shreveport, LA

This Design‐build project for U.S. General Services Administration includes three (3) chillers totaling 900 tons, gas boilers, and a variable-air-volume air distribution system. The building spans 240,000 SF and 5 floors.

AMC/USASAC Headquarters

Huntsville, AL

Hardy provided design build mechanical services for this LEED Silver rated project. The U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) / U.S. Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) Headquarters is comprised of a seven-story AMC building connected to a three-story USASAC building by a two-story lobby, administrative facility with ten floors of office space and situation rooms totaling 396,800 square feet. Key Stats: (3) 750 ton centrifugal chillers, (52) computer room AC units (CRAC’s), (31) AHU’s, (3) dedicated outside air units. (434) VAV boxes. Hardy fabricated and installed over 264,000 pounds of sheet metal and pre-fabricated 9,350 lineal feet of hot water, chilled water, and steam piping.

Annison Army Depot

Anniston, AL

This $85 million, state-of-the-art plant is comprised of 142,500 square feet and was designed with a flexible floor plan that allows for movement and adjustment of maintenance equipment and production lines to support a changing work environment.

Social Security Building

Birmingham, AL

Hardy installed the HVAC system in the Social Security building in downtown Birmingham. This building spans 10 floors and includes 1,960 tons of cooling, 37 AHUs, 2 energy recovery units, 6 split systems, 2 chillers, 1 cooling tower, 9 pumps, 1 heat exchanger, 39 exhaust fans, 11 louvers, and 317,000 pounds of sheet metal duct. This project was unique – it includes an under-floor HVAC system that delivers conditioned air to occupants through a pressurized sub-floor plenum.

Jonas Federal Courthouse

Charlotte, NC

Hardy Corporation installed the HVAC duct, piping, and provided full building automation for this project. Jonas Federal Courthouse is located in the heart of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, and required a well thought out logistical plan with daily deliveries of material and equipment from our local staging facility. Working in a 120 year old historic building required the coordination of many entities while being mindful of historic preservation guidelines. Keeping the existing courthouse in full operation while interconnecting HVAC systems required meticulous coordination between teams and installation crews.

Successful projects, satisfied clients.