State Farm Regional Headquarters

Birmingham, AL

Hardy installed HVAC and plumbing for State Farm’s new Alabama-Mississippi regional headquarters including 1,575 tons of cooling. Phase II (adding 50,000 SF) included mechanical additions and renovations.

APCO Credit Union (LEED Certified)

Birmingham, AL

This new bank and office building spans 55,000 SF and 3 floors. Hardy provided all required HVAC systems including (3) SWUDs, (53) VAVs with electric heat, (2) computer room units, (2) energy recovery units, (2) mini split systems, (1) closed circuit cooling tower, (4) pumps and over 30,000 lbs of sheet metal duct. The building achieved LEED Certification.

Navistar International

Huntsville, AL

Navistar was a 510,200 square foot design-build project by Hardy. The installation of the 450 tons of HVAC was extremely difficult because the manufacturing equipment had been completed prior to our work. All ducts were hung 30’ over the manufacturing equipment. This project received a 2001 ABC Award for Excellence.

“Coordination of the new installation required extensive field review to determine elevation, routing and coordination with the electrical, fire protection, process piping and existing roof support structures. With the cooperation and dedication of the Hardy forces, the duct work system was installed on time and within budget… Our recognition of your efforts is evidenced by our continued business relationship.”
James P. Anderson, Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC

Mercedes-Benz Service Center

Vance, AL

This 150,000 S.F. corporate facility included 540 tons of cooling, two (2) hot water boilers, 16 air handling units, 80 variable air volume (VAV) zones, direct digital controls, and a unique air duct system that followed the undulating shape of the roof.

Jonas Federal Courthouse

Charlotte, NC

Hardy Corporation installed the HVAC duct, piping, and provided full building automation for this project. Jonas Federal Courthouse is located in the heart of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, and required a well thought out logistical plan with daily deliveries of material and equipment from our local staging facility. Working in a 120 year old historic building required the coordination of many entities while being mindful of historic preservation guidelines. Keeping the existing courthouse in full operation while interconnecting HVAC systems required meticulous coordination between teams and installation crews.

Lexington Medical Center

Lexington, SC

Hardy is a design assist partner for this project.

Scope of work:

  • Detached (3 stories) Central utility Building -63,000 sq ft facility with Standalone Chiller, towers, and boilers that will have the capability to feed the new North tower addition as well as back feed into the hospital existing infrastructure and feed the entire campus.
  • 3- 1400 tons Chillers, 2 -400 ton low temp glycol chillers , 16 hydronic pumps, 2-600 HP boilers including 30” CHW mains and 36” condensing water mains
  • Approx. 400 ft long underground tunnel serving the Parking deck and New North tower including 30” CHW piping mains.
  • Multi story parking deck (7 stories)
  • 550,000 sq ft tower (11 stories) with mechanical rooms on 2nd and 11th floors
  • 100,000 sq ft Renovation of existing buildings starting during new construction and finishing after new construction is complete.
  • Peak personnel with tower, CUB, and Parking Deck all ongoing at the same time is 250 Hardy personnel with another 100 subcontracted labor supervised by Hardy.

Bryant Denny Stadium, North End Zone

Tuscaloosa, AL

This stadium addition spans 113,568 SF and 6 levels. The HVAC system includes 570 tons of cooling, (3) water cooled chillers, (1) cooling tower, (9) pumps, (34) VAVs, ( 41) fan coils, chilled water piping, hot water piping and approximately 100,000 lbs of sheet metal duct.

Successful projects, satisfied clients.