United Launch Alliance

Decatur, AL

Hardy provided mechanical (HVAC & Plumbing) and High Purity services for ULA’s (United Launch Alliance) Phase 1A consisting of the following areas: Centaur Major Weld, Booster Major Weld, SOFI, PAT, Blanket Fab, Area 5, Hydrazine, Pneumatic Pressure Test Facility of which included a 60 feet high by 21,000 square foot clean room. United Launch Alliance (ULA) includes 300 tons of cooling, (4) AC units, (7) FCU’s, (18) Pumps, (1) Heat Exchanger, (4) Humidifiers, (10) Exhaust Fans, (60) fixtures, over 130,000 pounds of sheet metal, over 20,000 lineal feet of chilled water, hot water, process water and compressed air piping, over 8,000 lineal feet of domestic hot and cold water piping and over 18,000 lineal feet of high purity piping

Successful projects, satisfied clients.