Building Environments
Where People Thrive.®

Our mission is so important to us that we trademarked it.

Like most companies, we put a lot of time and effort into our mission, core values and defining who we are. The work we do is absolutely critical for people to be at their best. If air conditioning doesn’t work in a crowded building, humidity levels get too high in an operating room or servers aren’t cooled properly, there’s a critical breakdown. That’s why we wake up every day and come to work to fulfill our mission of building environment where people can thrive.

The Right People Doing Work They Love.

People can’t thrive if they don’t like their job. If they’re unhappy, they won’t be at their best. At Hardy, our people love what they do and are the best at it. We are passionate about getting the right people in the right seat and providing them with the latest technology, training and supportive family-friendly culture that encourages them to grow and thrive. We have open lines of communication with our employees to make sure they have what they need to be happy and do great work.

We do the right thing
Highly skilled workforce

Giving More People the Opportunity to Thrive.

At Hardy, we’re committed to giving people the training, technology and support they need to do great work and love what they’re doing. But this is just the beginning. We’re so committed to our mission that we want to help more people in Central Alabama have the opportunity to thrive.

Four years ago, we founded the Mechanical Craft Training Institute to give more people in our community the skills they need to do this critical and rewarding work. Helping to build a highly skilled workforce for the mechanical industry in our community doesn’t just help the industry, but it strengthens the entire community.

So, yes, mechanical contracting is what we do. But that’s just the starting point of how we are transforming mechanical projects for our customers, our team and our community. Because at Hardy, we are building environments, companies and communities where people can thrive.

Successful projects, satisfied clients.