Commercial Plumbing Services

Hardy Services is your trusted provider for commercial plumbing service in the greater Birmingham, AL metro area. For over 70 years, Hardy has been a contractor you can count on for competency and integrity. We have experience serving a variety of customers including churches, hospitals, office buildings, schools, and industrial sites. Hardy has over 70 years of experience serving offices and industrial facilities of all types. Hardy Services 24 hour Emergency Service Line is available at (205) 289-6367, because when you need a plumber, you need them now!

Hardy can handle any of your commercial plumbing needs, providing a wide range of plumbing services including: 24 Hour Emergency Service, water leaks, sewage pumps, boilers, backflow prevention and certification, commercial pumping, drain and sewer cleaning & repair, ejector and sump pump installation & repair, ejector and sump pit pumping and cleaning, video inspection of plumbing systems, water efficient fixtures installation, water heater repair and replacement, water and sewer pipe repair, installation, and replacement, and much more!

Call (205) 289-6367 now or fill out this form to get the help that you need!

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