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Hardy specializes in mechanical contracting — commercial and industrial HVAC, and plumbing systems ranging from routine to intricate — and is dedicated to installing excellence. Building environments where people thrive is the guiding principle we live by every day and in every aspect of our business.

What we do is mission critical. We create environments where surgery is performed, computer servers work 24-7-365 and tens of thousands of people show up every day to do their jobs and take care of their customers.

People can only thrive in these environments if the HVAC and plumbing systems are designed properly and installed competently. We love to design and install excellence in the systems most people take for granted. We do it right.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, our customers choose to work with Hardy because they know they can count on us to build environments where people thrive.

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We’re Building a Community Where More People Can Thrive.

The Hardy Difference.

We know — and our past customers will confirm – that when it comes to mechanical contracting, Hardy does it right. There are a lot of other great mechanical contractors that you could say the same thing about, however, our mission is unique.

Yes, building environments where people thrive is about hospitals, data centers, sports venues, distribution centers, federal buildings and military bases. But it’s also about building a team environment where people can thrive.

We are committed to helping everyone on our team do more of what they are great at, working in their strengths and being surrounded by team members who have complementary skills and talents.

What truly sets us apart as a mechanical contractor is our commitment to transform the community by building a thriving workforce for the mechanical industry.

In 2020, we established the Mechanical Craft Training Institute, a non-profit organization that is committed to building the trades of plumbing, pipe-fitting, sheet metal mechanic and HVAC start-up technicians.

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The Hardy Difference

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