Jonas Federal Courthouse

Charlotte, NC

This Phase I,252,953 sf , eight story facility is a new annex to the existing Jonas Federal Courthouse building located in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. Brasfield & Gorrie has
teamed up with Hardy Corporation to install the HVAC duct, piping and full building automation for this project. Upcoming Phase II consists of a full remodel of the existing adjacent Courthouse building after Phase I occupancy takes place.

This heart of downtown job, (maybe 50’ larger on three sides than the footprint), requires close coordination with efficient daily deliveries of equipment and materials on a “just in time” basis from our local warehouse / staging facility. Hardy is making extensive use of our recently acquired Trimble / GPS component locating system for hangers, supports, floor openings and routing of systems. This is only made possible after meticulous coordination through our BIM department, sheet metal shop and with a highly trained field installation crew. The overall project is expected to be 2 ½ – 3 years in duration.