CR Bard Sterilization

Madison, GA

This 103,118 SF plant includes a vast range of HVAC equipment and process piping provided and installed by Hardy. The major components include (1) 100 ton chiller, (2) RTU’s, (12) make-up air units, (2) boilers, (1) feedwater system, (2) air compressors, (7) humidifiers, (7) pumps, (13) steam humidifiers, (22) steam coils, (9) gas IRH’s, (61) fans, (19) roof intake hoods, (9) louvers, (18) filter banks, (9) PIU’s, 22,000 lbs of galvanized duct, 33,700 lbs of aluminum duct (23,800 lbs welded), and multiple piping systems such as chilled water, etheleyne oxide, vacuum pump discharge, vacuum separator water, instrument air piping, potable water, and steam & condensate piping.